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WhiteWater Consulting Announces Launch of New Book, "Unprecedented"

WhiteWater Consulting Announces Launch of New Book, "Unprecedented"

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HR consulting veteran Chuck Cooper has released Unprecedented: Building a Multi-Generational Business on Trust, Respect and the Valuing of People, a timely and action-oriented guide to developing a people-centric corporate culture.
By: WhiteWater Consulting

CHARLOTTE, N.C.May 10, 2022PRLog -- For over 25 years, WhiteWater Consulting's Chuck Cooper has empowered businesses of all sizes to develop strong and resilient work cultures. Now, he has condensed some of his most timely, practical, and action-oriented insights into a new book, Unprecedented: Building a Multi-Generational Business on Trust, Respect and the Valuing of People. The book will be released on May 9, and a free preview chapter is available now on Cooper's website.

"I've long encouraged entrepreneurs and business owners to build cultures with people at the center," comments Cooper. "The pandemic has rewritten some of the rules for how we do that and made it more urgent than ever for companies to cultivate trust and respect across demographic lines. That's really what Unprecedented is all about."

Cooper also notes that, though it's focused on widely applicable business practices, Unprecedented emanates from a personal place. "I didn't have the kinds of mentors or advisors I needed early in my career, which meant that I had to learn from shortcomings and failures," he explains. "This is why I am such a proponent of business owners having a coach or being a part of a peer group as the entrepreneurial journey is not meant to go it alone. I hope Unprecedented can be a catalyst for greater connection."

Ultimately, Cooper hopes that the book will be a roadmap for business owners seeking to make sustainable changes in the aftermath of COVID-19. "I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-create how we want our families to function, businesses to operate, and the way we interact and communicate with each other," he states. "My desire is that we will all commit to creating something new, that is better than what we had before."

Additional information about Unprecedented: Building a Multi-Generational Business on Trust, Respect and the Valuing of People, including pre-order information and free sample chapters, can be found at Cooper's website, Cooper's writing and insight can also be found at


WhiteWater Consulting has been counseling and advising small and mid-sized businesses since 2019. Based on Chuck Cooper's 25 years of business experience, WhiteWater Consulting seeks to empower businesses to develop robust and people-centered cultures, all with the goal of creating more sustainable growth. Additional information can be found online at

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