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Special Edition: IRS 2024 Dirty Dozen

Special Edition: IRS 2024 Dirty Dozen

Business Tips

The #IRS kicks off this year’s Dirty Dozen list with warnings of evolving phishing and smishing schemes aimed at stealing your personal and financial information. Learn what to do to avoid falling victim to these scams:

#IRS and the Security Summit warn taxpayers, #TaxPros and businesses about phishing scams designed to steal your identity through fraudulent emails and text messages. Read more on this Dirty Dozen scheme and how to report it à

#IRS and the Security Summit urge you not to take the bait when it comes to suspicious text or email messages. Scammers lure you with this Dirty Dozen tactic by supplying fraudulent links aimed at stealing your identity.

#IRS reminder: Do NOT click on links or open attachments from unsolicited emails or texts. They may contain malware that could infect your devices and compromise your personal and financial information. Protect yourself from this Dirty Dozen scam:

Tax Avoidance

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Check out the top tax avoidance strategies that landed on this year’s #IRS “Dirty Dozen” list of tax schemes: #TaxSecurity

#IRS warns taxpayers to watch out for promoters who peddle schemes that avoid filing and paying taxes. Check the “Dirty Dozen” list of scams and learn to avoid them: #TaxSecurity

Don’t fall for tempting offers to dodge your taxes. Beware of tax schemes that promote engaging in questionable deals, such as abusive syndicated conservation easements. Learn about this #IRS “Dirty Dozen” scheme and others at #TaxSecurity

Tax avoidance can bite you back! #IRS reminds you that taxpayers risk steep civil penalties and criminal charges for engaging in questionable deals, such as stashing assets in offshore accounts and not reporting digital currency like crypto. #TaxSecurity

Tax avoidance isn’t a lucky break, it’s a scam! For your #TaxSecurity, watch for peddlers of syndicated conservation easements, abusive micro-captive insurance arrangements and other bogus tax avoidance strategies. See the 2024 #IRS “Dirty Dozen”:


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