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Social Districts – An Open Container Law for North Carolina

Social Districts – An Open Container Law for North Carolina

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North Carolina State Legislature reduce some regulations around liquor sales. One of these regulations would allow for open containers, in special defined areas called - Social Districts  

Social District – “A defined outdoor area in which a person may consume alcoholic beverages sold by a permittee. This term does not include the permittee's licensed premises or an extended area” House Bill 890 

Social District Rules  

  • Special Signs - These Social District shall be clearly defined with signs posted in a conspicuous location indicating which area are included in the social district, the days and hours during which alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the district.

  • Limited Boundaries - Before allowing consumption of alcoholic beverages in a social district, the city or county shall submit to the Commission a detailed map of the social district with the boundaries, of the social district, clearly marked. 

  • Special Cup - The container displays (in 12-point font) "Drink Responsibly – Be 21." and display a logo or some other mark that is unique to the social district, 16oz cup is the max size. 

  • Outside Only -  a person is not allowed to to enter or reenter a licensed premises with an alcoholic beverage not sold by the premises.  

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