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Sizzling Summer Strategies to Boost Sales

Sizzling Summer Strategies to Boost Sales

Whew! Can you feel it? The unofficial start of summer is here.

Summer is a season of change for many small businesses. School's out, vacations are in, and customer behavior shifts as people embrace the warmer weather and longer days. For some businesses, it’s a time of enormous revenue; for others, it can herald a long dry spell.

But with a bit of planning and creativity, summer can also be a season of growth and opportunity no matter what type of business you are in (except maybe snow plowing).

Here are a few ideas that you can start thinking about today.

Make It a Hot Summer

Summer offers unique opportunities to refresh your branding, engage customers, and capture the carefree spirit of the season. People are looking for ways to have fun and are in a vacation mindset even if they’re at home.


  • Summer-Themed Promotions. Offer special discounts, bundles, or limited-time products that align with summer activities. Items like beach towels, picnic baskets, or refreshing beverages can be a nice freebie to include with purchase.
  • Seasonal Décor. Spruce up your storefront or website with bright colors, summer imagery, and seasonal messaging to attract customers. Vacation’s all they ever wanted, as the song goes.
  • Outdoor Events. If your business allows for it, host a summer BBQ, sidewalk sale, or outdoor workshop to draw in foot traffic and create a fun atmosphere. People won’t be able to ignore what looks like a party.
  • Social Media Contests. Launch a summer-themed contest on social media to increase engagement and brand awareness. Picture contests work well this time of year.

Beat the Summer Slump

For some businesses, summer can bring a slowdown in sales.

Here are a few strategies to keep the momentum going:

  • Target Staycationers. With the economy where it is and costs high, many people are opting for local getaways. Cater to staycationers with special offers or packages tailored to their needs. Some businesses offer in-state/local discounts. For those who don’t want to discount products, consider a bundle that might appeal to them or a buy now, get something in the future deal to entice them to return. Some businesses also consider membership programs where customers pay a flat fee and get unlimited services (or products) for a given time. This can help you bring in money in advance of the service/product.
  • Focus on Online Sales. If foot traffic dips, ramp up your online presence and promotional efforts. Consider offering free shipping or special discounts for online orders. Use flash sales or free shipping to entice people to act now.
  • Partner with Complementary Businesses. Team up with other local businesses to cross-promote each other's products or services, offering bundle deals or joint events.

The Chamber Connection

Your Chamber of Commerce can be a valuable resource for navigating the summer season. They often host seasonal events, workshops, and networking opportunities that can help you connect with potential customers and learn from other businesses.

By leveraging the Chamber's resources and expertise, you can:

Stay Informed. Get the latest updates on local events, tourism trends, and business opportunities.

Connect with Partners. Find businesses to collaborate with on summer promotions or events.

Access Marketing Resources. Utilize the Chamber's website, social media channels, or newsletter to reach a wider audience.

Get Referrals. Many tourists see the Chamber of Commerce as a good first stop when they get to town. Chambers are often asked where to eat, stay, and play. As a member in good standing, you may be eligible for referrals, or your Chamber may display business brochures or play videos. Contact the Chamber to find out how you can get in front of that audience.

With a little planning and creativity, you can make this summer your most successful yet.

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