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Quit procrastinating: Become more decisive with these 4 tips

Quit procrastinating: Become more decisive with these 4 tips

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Quit procrastinating: Become more decisive with these 4 tips

by Colleen Odegaard

Do you have a hard time making decisions? Do you waffle back and forth? Do you get confused because you don’t know what to do? Instead of making a decision, do you ask other people what you should do?

I’ve been there. In fact, before I decided to become a life coach I spent years thinking about becoming a life coach. But do you know what happens when you just think about something? Nothing. Nothing happens.  

The truth is it’s easy to hide in confusion. Saying, “I’m so confused” or “I don’t know" allows you to pretend that you are figuring stuff out, when really you’re just procrastinating. In reality, it shifts you into autopilot. For a long time, I was coasting in my marriage, my parenting, my work … not living up to my full potential because I kept putting off the decision.

It’s time to call yourself out!

Making decisions helps you move forward. 

Making decisions builds your confidence.  

Making decisions leads to action, and once you take action, you will receive insight. 

But how do you start flexing your decision-making muscle?

  • Start with small things where there isn’t a lot at stake. Choose steak or salmon. If someone asks you what movie you want to watch, pick something! 

  • Ask yourself some hard questions. What’s at stake if I don’t make this decision? Would doing this thing make me more of who I want to be? Does this get me closer to my goals? Does this align with my values? What am I afraid of?

  • Play out the worst-case scenario. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think.

  • Try a decision on for size. Try living for a few days as if you have made the decision and see if that offers any more clarity. How does it feel to think “I’m taking that job,” “I’m selling the house” or “I’m not quitting my job,” etc.

Your decision may not always lead to the desired result, but that’s okay, too. Use the insight to course correct. For me, this practice includes lots of praying and leaning into the belief that God’s got my back. 

It might feel easier to say you “don’t know what to do” rather than to feel the discomfort of making a decision and the changes that follow. But the point of our lives isn’t to feel comfortable all of the time. I promise you are up to the task.

Colleen Odegaard is a longtime TV journalist most recently known for her 11-year run as host of WCNC’s Charlotte Today. Last year, she made the big decision to leap from the TV world to focus full-time on her life and video coaching business and podcast, called Wake Up To Your Life. 

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