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Principled Payments LLC - Member Highlight

Principled Payments LLC - Member Highlight

Rebbecca McCall the owner of Principled Payments allows her more opportunities and freedom to give her merchant clients better pricing and a greater variety of payment solutions, paired with a more customized service style backed by honesty and integrity.

When asked what she loves about her business?  She says, "I love knowing that I am offering merchants the best possible pricing and solutions that eliminate their pain points in regards to payment processing. I know once a merchant is doing business with me, that is one more business that will not experience dishonest & overpriced payments service." When someone feels this way about payment processing, they must be worth talking to.

Her company offers merchants the ability to take all non-cash forms of payment - whether via mobile swiper, a payment gateway, or a full point of sale system.  What makes Principled Payments stand out from the crowd is its customer service style.  And that her clients love that they can call or text me when they need rather than sit & wait on an 1800#. We don't have long-term contracts or termination fees. We never raise the processing rates on our clients.

When asked about advice for someone who wants to start their own business Rebbecca said,"If you offer a product or service that consumers need or want, and keep doing the right things by your clients and those you work with, you will have a successful business. Work as hard for yourself as you would for any employer, if you do all you can to raise the standard of your industry, you will shine."

And lastly, she had this to say about the Charlotte Area Chamber, "The Charlotte Area Chamber has allowed me to connect with other like-minded business owners for brainstorming and support, and exposure to a larger network of businesses that I can provide service to!"

You can find her information here:  Principled Payments LLC

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