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Ian Farmer - Member Highlight

Ian Farmer - Member Highlight

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IF Associates, Inc.

Ian always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when the corporate world was no longer a fit, he decided to work for himself starting a sales and marketing consultancy called IF Associates, Inc.  He enjoys the freedom to choose what he does and choose his clients.  He currently offers, B2B sales & marketing consultancy, Sales training, and Interim sales management.  He helps people by knowing his customer's market and can instantly relate the benefits of what they sell to their target customers.  Working with global brands and other clients for the past 31 years, people say "Ian's stuff just works."

One thing Ian will say about small business owners is, "if you are going to put your head on the block every day, you inspire me."  One piece of advice he offers to someone looking to start a business is, "You can't outsource the selling, make sure you are comfortable selling and do some selling every single day and remember revenue is vanity, profit is sanity."

When asked about being a member and how the Charlotte Area Chamber help him, he replied, "The opportunity to meet with like-minded people, with similar challenges who understand how a community like Charlotte works.

You can find Ian at

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