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BSA PR & Marketing / PathwayUSA - Member Highlight

BSA PR & Marketing / PathwayUSA - Member Highlight

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Dianne Stewart owner of BSA PR & Marketing / PathwayUSA

Dianne Stewart is the owner of BSA PR & Marketing / PathwayUSA

Like many people, Dianne left her corporate job and started this company 33 years ago, providing a real need in a niche market.  Dianne enjoys that every day is different and has met some great people who have become lifelong friends.

BSA PR & Marketing will manage our social media, email marketing campaigns, special events & media coverage.  And for PathwayUSA – “no other similar service in the world that does exactly what we do!”

Her customers will tell you, she consistently delivers what they need, quick response time and some even say it’s life-changing.

One of Dianne’s biggest successes is keeping a business alive for 33 years through moving from one country to another and starting a second business in a poor economy and building it into a success.  One thing that keeps her going is other entrepreneurs because she knows how hard it is to sustain a business on your own.

As for the future, Dianne is looking to attract new clients and embrace the post COVID era!  If you plan on starting a business, she says, “Plan to have a rough ride for the first 5 years. If you can survive that, you'll survive anything!”

We asked why she is a member of the Charlotte Area Chamber, she replied, “It keeps my name out there and provides excellent networking opportunities for me.”

BSA PR & Marketing / PathwayUSA

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