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10 Pieces of Content That Can Help You Get More Online Sales

10 Pieces of Content That Can Help You Get More Online Sales

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Online Necessities Before the Content

According to, “The first set of holiday data and analytics from Adobe reveals online spending is set to increase by 33% in 2020 over 2019.” It’s also likely that this trend will continue as we enter into 2021 and if the pandemic numbers keep increasing. People won’t stop shopping, but they may stop shopping in-person.

Online shopping needn’t be owned by large entities like Amazon or Etsy. Your business can excel in online commerce as well. But first, you need to be top-of-mind. One way to do that is to produce valuable content so that when potential customers are on your website, they are moved to action and purchase from you.

Online Necessities Before the Content

Before you create the content, work on a few things such as:

  • Designing a user-friendly shopping experience and website
  • Creating a design that is quick to load and mobile-friendly
  • Implementing a review “machine” or protocol in which you make it easy for people to leave reviews
  • Engaging your followers on social media
  • Honing your voice and brand so that people know, like, and trust you

The last two will help with the content you produce but the content will also help engage your followers and solidify your brand.

Now let’s talk about the content you need to drive online sales.

Content That Drives Online Sales

The content we’re going to suggest creating should be posted on your website, shared on your social media platforms and through sponsored content on Facebook (and any other social media platform that you participate often on), and posted/linked to in your newsletter. Excellent content will do nothing to increase your online sales if people don’t know about it.

  • Video introductions of products or services.
  • Demo of how your item works or alternate uses for it.
  • Video tour of what goes into making your product or service.
  • Introducing someone important in your business.
  • A video conversation with one of your stakeholders talking about working with your company.
  • A testimonial from a customer on how you helped them achieve what they wanted. If possible, let the focus be on how you helped them be their best self. Viewers will cast themselves in your customer’s role and assume you can do the same for them. If you sell products and this suggestion doesn’t fit your business, consider how you might showcase how your product made their day/life special.
  • Why this (your product or service) is amazing video or blog post.
  • “If you like this, you’ll also like this” suggestion. Most e-commerce platforms give you this option to assign like products or services to an “also bought” suggestion. However, it’s beneficial to create a more in-depth piece of content (blog, social media post, or video) that makes a deeper suggestion. Think about how publishers do that by likening two authors. You can also use categories like highlighting some of your offerings under a piece of content for specific types of people like “perfect gifts for moms” or “inexpensive but fun tech.”
  • Tell an item’s story. Talk about what makes it a great buy, the perfect gift, invaluable to busy professionals, or some other reason that makes it irresistible. If you sell second-hand items, this is particularly effective way of selling. Explain what the item was used for and who might have used it.
  • Highlight sales previews and best sellers. Always take pictures of items you’re reducing and share them. You can do this by creating videos or just posting images. People want to buy things that others are interested in so drawing attention to best sellers and items that are reduced to make room for new items can get people motivated to buy.

Finally, stay in touch. If people are willing to give you their phone number and receive text messages from you, this is an excellent way to drive action. Every time you have a new item or service, let them know. If you’re running a special, show them. Always link to your site so buying is simple.

With this online content, they’re already halfway to a purchase. You just need to give them a little incentive to buy from you.

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