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EquiBalance Health - Booth 432

EquiBalance Health - Booth 432


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EquiBalance Health offers a rejuvenating approach to wellness, tailored to those seeking to realign their health and vitality. Our one-time consultation is ideal for anyone needing specific guidance in nutrition and setting achievable wellness goals. We specialize in empowering you to overcome the 'sick and tired' feeling, enabling you to feel your best, maintain health, and boost your energy levels. With us, you'll access the same transformative tools, strategies, and life-changing information that have benefited not only our individual clients but their families too. Join us at EquiBalance Health, where your journey to a healthier, more energetic life begins. 

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“Wellness For The Win”

How can you see major improvements in both your professional and personal life? By going back to basics and putting first things first. The natural impulse is to leave ourselves for last, while everything – and everyone else – gets first dibs. However, doing this on repeat leads to mental burnout, emotional overwhelm, decreased work/life satisfaction, increased stress, and full-blown illness. The key to turning this around is found in both our healthcare at home and in our everyday self-care. In this engaging talk, Carolina will teach her “Energy Rx Method.” Audiences will not only be entertained, but will leave with simple, practical strategies they can implement that same day for drastic improvements in both their professional performance and in their personal lives. 


Managing Stress for Peak Performance" Everyone knows that when your body is under stress it doesn’t work as well. Brain fog, difficulty prioritizing, and missing deadlines are all signs that stress may be affecting your team. In this engaging talk, Carolina will share actionable — and practical — tips, tools and strategies that you can implement immediately to help reduce stress and its effects on the body and emotions. Imagine how much better you’ll show up in your professional and personal life when you’ve got stress under control…. and, how much happier and healthier you’ll be, too! Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your stress, get back on target and transform your life.


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