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The Gift of Chiropractic


We are a vitalistic chiropractic and family wellness center in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer chiropractic care and wellbeing resources for people in all phases of life. 

Whether you are experiencing specific health concerns or simply desire to enhance your health potential, we are happy to serve you.  Our focus is helping your body function at its best by clearing interference in your nervous system through specific, chiropractic adjustments. When interference in your body is cleared, your system is able to heal at an increased rate because the Innate intelligence is able to communicate clearly over the body’s energy and nerve systems. 

We acknowledge your body, mind and soul as one, and our goal is to help you live a full, inspired life, empowering you to make decisions that lead you further on your path towards growth, adaptation and evolution. Chiropractic is about life, and although life can get hectic, how we show up on a day to day basis is how we move through it. “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around, you might miss it”. The aim of The Gift is to provide that opportunity to stop, integrate and look around to be present in any moment that calls you. We’ve found that chiropractic can be a potent vehicle for allowing new perspectives and opportunities for growth and expanded awareness. With increased awareness brings the real time realization and insight to how your behaviors, thoughts and actions cause a chain reaction and ripple throughout your life. 

“You never know how far reaching something you think, say, or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow” yet tomorrow never comes, all we have is right now, this eternal present. 

The Gift of Chiropractic serves as a reminder that the present moment is the Gift. By being fully present for any given moment in your life, one can truly see the magnificence of the world around us. Often times, stressful events happen in our lives that take us away from the Present moment. The Gift aims to reconnect you to yourself, to be fully in your body, allowing you to be you, your full expression of the infinite wisdom within you. By being present, you are better able to make decisions for yourself from a place of abundance, because you can see the world for how it is, not how you are. When this happens, it is your presence that is the gift that the world needs.


Additional Information

Driving Directions : The office entrance is at the back of the parking lot around the corner when you arrive
Business Hours : M: 8-12 pm, 1-5 pm, T: closed, W: closed, Th: 2-6 pm, F: 2-6 pm, Sa: 12-4 pm, Su: closed

How to find The Gift of Chiropractic

Here's a short video describing how to find our office in the Chantilly Neighborhood in the Watershed Charlotte building. Drive or walk down Shenandoah until you see the red brick building and the black brick house and turn into the parking lot to find us
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