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Olympian Power Marketing


Social and Digital Solutions For Your Business

Grow Your Customers and Revenue While Staying Within Your Budget

The question is not “if” Social Marketing will work for your business. The question is “how” to get it to work for your business. The “how” is why so many larger Digital Marketing Agencies fail to deliver results. Cookie Cutter approaches do not work across all industries or platforms. Customer growth is the ultimate metric and that is what we focus on.

Maybe you are new to Social Advertising and are considering it. Here are a few key considerations: Facebook Advertising has the highest Return On Investment when compared to any other advertising platform; however Facebook Advertising is more than just Facebook. It encapsulates Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, Watch, Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories and it’s Audience Network (arrangements with App’s and 3rd parties to advertise on their platforms). We have a proven approach and strategy to each network to achieve your desired results.

Olympian Power Marketing

    John Lee is the founder of Olympian Power Marketing in 2017. As an owner of a furniture store on E. Independence Blvd from 2000-2004, he understands the advertising challenges a lot of retailers experience. He had little to zero success using Traditional Platforms like Tv, Radio and Direct Mail and knew there was a better way.

    Social Media changed the advertising game. Now available targeting options and tracking pixels allow us to reach target audiences that have interests in your products and encourage Add to Carts, Purchases and Store Visits. Applying his understanding of Retail with Social Media Advertising he has excelled at delivering consistent new customer growth to retailers and many more industries. 

    Our retailers average 20-30% Year Over Year Revenue Growth and on two occasions we have lost clients because of too much business. We are not available in every industry and prefer to stay in our lanes of knowledge, experience and success. Please contact us for more information about serving your industry and business niche.


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