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Real Estate, Moving & Storage Home Security Industrial Equipment Solar Power Animal Transportation


LeadVision helps connect buyers and sellers. Our goal is to help consumers compare prices on the products they want, while giving service providers the opportunity to win over more business. We intentionally work in markets that are typically hard to locate vendors,  making the service even more valuable. LeadVision is a growing company with over 1,000 partners located in 11 countries. Our main market segments include industrial equipment, home relocation services, home security, solar power, and large animal transport.

Additional Info

David Teifer, Founder and CEO of LeadVision, started the company in April of 2007. Previously Mr. Teifer was working as an investment banker in the Biotech sector; helping companies raise capital and mediating the sale and licensing of clinical-stage and off-patent pharmaceuticals. Through his investment banking experience, Mr. Teifer realized how powerful a tool the internet was becoming in business. In 2004, he decided to leave the Biotech sector and start a new business with two other partners, called Service Network. This would be the first lead business he would be involved in. The business was sold in early 2007 which would provide him the seed money to begin his new venture; which was to become LeadVision.


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