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JMR Coaching & Consulting Services

Bringing Impact to your Projects, Processes & People

Creating, building and growing an organization in today's fast-changing environment is an exciting yet difficult task. Whether it's leading a non-profit organization or your own small business, executive leaders today are often overwhelmed, overworked and burnt out.  At JMR Coaching & Consulting Services, we've been there! These situations can lead to lack of productivity, stagnation or disruption in organizations. At times this spills over into interpersonal interactions, both private and professional, causing unhealthy stress, strain in communications and dysfunctional relationships.


This is where JMR Consulting Services helps you. Our goal is to assist you in reaching mission-aligned outcomes while transforming the lives of your stakeholders, whether leaders, staff and clients. Our strategic solutions help your organization execute optimal vision, manage bottom line results, both social impact or dollars and cents, and design and manage growth and change with minimal disruption. 


I am a Licensed therapist & Life & Business coach with advanced training and certification in Coaching, Assessment & Social Work. I provide both clinical and goal-oriented support! I understand that life is a journey full of changes that can be opportunities for transformation if you have the courage, motivation and skills to embrace them. That means sometimes we have to go back to go forward.

Women's and immigrant issues, gender equality and point of views are near and dear to my life and heart, and I speak to them all the time. I serve girls and women who are on their own journeys as they find their own voice and tell their own stories, while serving others, taking care of themselves, defining their own success and living out their God-designed destinies with integrity. I now focus on providing them coaching, personal and professional development, encouragement, mentorship and partnership.This happens privately or within groups, or formal or informal organizational structures.

My own journey led me from the Caribbean and Panama to Houghton College in rural upstate New York where I studied Sociology & Psychology, then to graduate school at Columbia University for a Masters of Science in Social Work (LMSW-NY state licensed). I have also acquired ACCC- Associate Certified coach certification, DBT training,and knowledge and expertise in Highly Sensitive (tm) applied foundation, skills, and strategies.


"With passion, empathy, straight talk and my knack for breaking down big issues into manageable steps, I can help you find your purpose, identify destructive patterns and behaviors, develop strategies that will lead from procrastination to action and move you towards an attainable future. Through convenient coaching sessions in office or by telephone/skype, whether in individual, connected groups or summits, we can clarify your vision, set reasonable goals and stay on track throughout the process."


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