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GGG Adjusters International


Why Hire Us?

We thoroughly document your property damage and present detailed, itemized claims to the insurance company, so you can concentrate on your daily responsibilities.

  • We save you time and help you meet your obligation to prepare and present your claims.
  • We reduce your stress and identify all of the coverages available to you in your policy.
  • We negotiate fair and equitable settlements.

Your Insurance Company Has an Adjuster, Shouldn’t You?

As licensed public adjusters, we work exclusively for you to ensure that you get a fair and equitable settlement from your insurance claim after a disaster.

Public Adjusters for Your Commercial Insurance Claims

If a disaster has damaged your business, we understand that you need to focus on how to survive, take care of your employees, and keep your customers. On top of this, you now need to deal with the complex insurance claims process, and every moment counts. Paying your premiums was the first step, but now you need to understand how to use your insurance policy to the fullest advantage. You need a professional that you can trust to advocate for you through the claims process. That professional is a licensed public adjuster. We do not represent the insurance company. We only represent you.

The Types of Claims We Handle

Our public adjusters live in the communities we serve and are experts at assessing damage from common and rare disasters to strike our region, including fires, hurricanes, snowstorms, floods, tornadoes and windstorms, as well as business interruption.

Claim Types

Public Adjusters for Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

We understand how devastating and life-changing this moment can be. We also know that homeowners often struggle with family responsibilities while navigating unfamiliar territory – the insurance claims process, and dealing with the insurer representatives. We are your advocates and make sure that you are aware of the full benefits of your policy.

What Claims Do Our Public Adjusters Handle?

We adjust claims after resulting from fires, water damage, floods, windstorms – tornadoes, hurricanes, collapse and other natural and man-made disasters.

Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International Works for You

Established in 1941 during World War II, Goodman-Gable-Gould/Adjusters International has been instrumental in helping businesses and homeowners after many man-made and natural disasters. We have endured and grown due to our commitment to delivering excellent service and truly caring about the welfare of those we serve.

In 1985, Goodman-Gable-Gould joined Adjusters International, a group of leading public adjusting firms in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom that foresaw the need for an international network of highly skilled public adjusters who could bring specific expertise to servicing any type of loss, anywhere at any time.

Today, each of our firm’s offices is a mainstay within the communities we serve. We have grown to include offices in New York City; Baltimore, MD; Rockville, MD; Richmond, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Melbourne, FL; and Nashville, TN. Our team of licensed public adjusters deeply understands the nuances of these regions, including pricing and industry protocols. Our services are supported by our network of effective professionals, including forensic accountants, contents specialists, and construction cost estimators.

We are experienced with the different types of natural disasters that strike, the companies that insure against them, and how claims are handled. Our team has the resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your loss and accurately prepare, document, and present your claim. It is our mission to get you a full, fair, and expedited settlement.

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For decades, Goodman-Gable-Gould /Adjusters International has been helping businesses, commercial property owners, and homeowners from New York City to Florida manage property damage insurance claims after natural and man-made disasters.

Our Promise

We promise to carefully conduct a full analysis of your coverage, document and evaluate the full scope of your damage, and negotiate aggressively with the insurance company on your behalf.

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