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Escapology Escape Rooms Charlotte



Bringing People Together

There genuinely is no better challenge for a Team Building exercise than Escapology. Placing you deep into a sinister plot, the importance of working as a team may literally save your life! Well figuratively speaking of course...

And whilst some people see team building activities as a 'nice break' from work, they do have a serious purpose: and that is to develop the skills and knowledge of your staff. A great team building event at Escapology can reap a range of benefits:

Build a Team

build a teamSuccessful organizations are all about a team. Learning about each other’s strengths, weakness and interests whilst trying to accomplish your mission against a relentless deadline is a great way to create lasting memories and great friendships. It’s no surprise that Escapology is rated as the number one choice for so many companies wishing to build outstanding teams.

Improved Communication improved communication

A key benefit of a properly planned team building activity is improved communication between employees. When you must achieve something and you’re racing against the clock communication is vital, whether you’re trying to escape a room or hitting a business deadline. Escapology will enable your team to get to know each other better and with a better understanding they will be able to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences.

Increased Collaboration
increased collaboration

Collaboration is about knowing who has what knowledge, trusting them and their experience and being able to get access to that person when you need it. Hunting down a killer or saving the world whilst time is running out needs some serious collaboration between your team! One of the most important benefits of a properly planned team building activity is greater collaboration between employees.

Improve Productivity

improve productivity
By encouraging employees to learn to work together more effectively and reduce duplication of effort your employees can work more efficiently. Effective teamwork will be vital if you wish to escape so make sure you’re not all chasing the same goal. Improving productivity is one of the most common objectives of team building activities.

Encourage Creativity

encourage creativity

By stepping into a whole new world, Escapology creates an out-of-the-ordinary team building experience that will give employees permission to use their imagination to come up with creative solutions. This will in turn send the message that creativity in the workplace, and bouncing ideas off each other, is welcome.

Performance Recognition

performance recognitionTeam building at Escapology can be used to provide recognition to employees by highlighting the work and the behaviors that have lead to the recipient receiving the recognition. By incorporating recognition into the team building you can send a strong message to every attendee about your company values.

Increase Motivation

increase motivation
Escape game team building activities can help increase employee motivation in a number of ways. When a group of employees ‘escape’ (or almost escape!) it creates momentum and makes them feel good about themselves. Solving our complex puzzles will increase employees’ confidence in their, and their team’s ability. A fun and challenging adventure will also show employees that you are willing to invest in them.

The Magnificent 7


The Thinker

The thinker works alone and thinks they're the clever one in the group. Not too keen on the physical challenges, they 

like mental puzzles that challenge the brain. They wish others would get with the task rather than making so much noise.

The Entertainer

Loves to be center of attention and leaves no stone unturned looking for absolutely anything that might help! Has been known to lose vital clues or puzzle pieces and may occasionally be a little impatient. The entertainer loves building stuff so anything physical is right up their street!


The Communicator

Can't stop talking - or even shouting. Needs to make sure clear
instructions are given to everyone (constantly) and lets everyone know what
they're doing too.
The communicator is often the first (and loudest) out of the room in
the event of a successful escape!

The Observer

Loves to stand back and see things that others don't see. Will occasionally give you 'that look' that suggests you might be wasting your time! Great at spotting color sequences and finding hidden codes through patience and perseverance.


The Organizer

Makes sure that everyone, and everything is organized. Keeps everything neat and tidy and works though puzzles in a
methodical and logical manner. Can often be found saying 'no , no, no!' to the entertainer...

The Caretaker

The caretaker likes to look after people and just wants everyone to have a great time. They're in no rush to escape, they care more about everyone's welfare and will quietly give encouragement to others as they do all the hard work!


The Navigator

Navigators are rare but talented and useful to have in the team. They know where they're going and know how to get there but can be dismissive of the contributions of others. Do as they say or expect to be walked all over!

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