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 CORe Beliefs                 
Our beliefs are rooted in helping others understand that accomplishing all they desire in their lives, begins with how one thinks.  We apply this principle whether working with those among Generation Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, or Traditionalists.  Our integrity and beliefs always achieve the following:
Leading with Integrity – Honesty. Strong Moral Principles.  These are just two of the qualities that go into leading with Integrity.  By utilizing these traits, we help those we work with (employees, management, Board members) understand how this is a distinguishing and valuable characteristic that clients seek when looking to do business with a company;
Respecting Others – Respect comes in many forms including being truthful to those we have the honor to work with - both fellow employees and clients.  This is one of our mainstays when working with clients;
Being SMART – SMART is an acronym that stands for Success Means Acquiring Right Thoughts™.  We help people understand that with the right way of thinking…then taking action…an individual, group, organization, or company will create the reality they desire;
Unleashing Your Power – We are limitless!  You!  Me!  Every person you come in contact with has the power and ability to accomplish all of their ambitions and desires.  It takes effort, undoubtedly, but we will help your company and employees understand this and reach their maximum potential!

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Companies utilize Anthony in a consultative manner as well.  With 25-years of business experience in Sales, Customer Service, Management, and Marketing, having worked for small organizations, midsize companies, and Fortune 500 corporations, CORe - Creating Our Reality offers valuable experiences and insights to pass along to those seeking to enhance their efficiency, office environment and bottom-line. 

Since 2014, CORe, Inc. has also worked with a number of Non-Profit Organizations, serving as a speaker, consultant, and workshop provider to employees, executives, and a number of Board of Directors.

Regardless of where you work, when employees work well together, it is truly a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, there are few companies/organizations that can honestly say they work as effectively as they'd like to in all areas.  That is why a motivational talk, 1/2 day or full-day workshop in the following area(s) may be exactly what is needed to boost morale, enhance proficiency and help your company/organization attain its highest level of success!  


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