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Caregiver Mental Wellness


Carolyn Dowdy, Founder of Caregiver Mental Wellness, is a compassionate caregiver, previous Vice President of Operations and Human Resources in the banking industry, Founder of Bank Project Solutions, a consulting and training firm, self-published author, and part of the management team of two start-up banks in Georgia.

With a vision for a future where caregivers are valued and supported, over time she brainstormed ideas and developed the “Caregiver Advocate Business” program to enhance businesses’ ability to attract and retain caregivers. The program outlines a customizable plan of action including internal training that fosters a culture of compassion and support within organizations for caregivers. In addition, it suggests benefit program initiatives that businesses may choose to implement which parallels with company size and affordability while cultivating a caregiver friendly work environment.

What we do….

  • Empowering Caregivers, Enriching Lives: Our mission is to empower caregivers with valuable knowledge and resources, enriching lives by fostering mental and emotional well-being.
  • Strengthening Communities: We actively engage with communities, nonprofits, and civic groups through speaking engagements and educational initiatives, spreading awareness and techniques for supporting caregiver wellness.
  • Supportive Family Dynamics: We bring awareness to caregivers' families, actively equipping them to provide essential support to minimize potential anxiety, stress, depression, and prevent caregiver burnout.
  • Transforming Workplaces: Through innovative programs, consulting, education, and training, we foster cultural changes within small and large businesses to create caregiver-friendly work environments, fostering inclusivity, understanding, and compassion in the workplace.

We bring awareness of work-life balance issues and wellbeing of caregivers to our communities and small to midsized companies through Caregiver Mental Wellness. We raise awareness of the challenges faced by the fifty-three million caregivers in the United States, and the risk of caregiver burnout which negatively affects the workforce. Caregivers represent 61% of our workforce as of 2020, and before COVID.  In a recent Harvard professor's research, 73% of the U. S. workforce have some level of caregiver responsibility. Caregivers in our workforce struggle with work-life balance which results in stressed out employees.

Caregiver Mental Wellness's training programs and HR consulting start the journey to educate businesses’ staff, supervisors, and management so they develop understanding and compassion as forward-thinking companies to enhance their organization's ability to retain and attract the new faces of our workforce, caregivers. 

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