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Boss Co.


Business Support Services

We provide support for the daily tasks you don’t have time to do, creating strategy for growth in your business and everything in between. We work WITH you to ensure that you can focus on the money maker tasks that will move you forward while knowing the rest of your business is being taken care of.

Systems Consulting

We provide systems strategy to give you a more global look at your business to help you find inefficiencies in your business. Being more efficient means cutting costs, saving time, and helping you set the foundation needed for the growth you desire.

At BC Creative, we treat your company as if it is our own. When you hire us to assist with your business, we act as a proxy for your business and ensure we are meeting your guidelines and standards. We strive to anticipate the needs of our clients and work to make suggestions and create possibilities to improve your system(s). While all of our work is done virtually, this gives us the flexibility to assist you wherever your business is located. We currently have team members in 2 countries and 3 different states. 

We are meticulous and methodical in our work, making sure any and all deliverables are ready to go before we send them to you. We work as efficiently as possible and are constantly improving to ensure that we are working “smarter, not harder”. Working with the BC Creative team means having a “second pair of hands” to help you with your business needs. 

Meet the CEO & Founder

Brie Chrisman started BC Creative in 2020 while navigating the first year of motherhood and a global pandemic. With a background rooted in event management in the sport industry, she has a unique perspective on how businesses operate. Having a vast experience in all types of roles from bottom of the pack intern to lead project manager, she is able to see all parts of a system: big and small. Processes that work together seamlessly takes big picture thinking and tiny detail maneuvering.

“I love being able to see a system at its whole, break it down, and figure out how to make each little part work seamlessly together in harmony. If there’s a more efficient way to do something, I’m going to find it.”

Her extreme attention to detail, obsession with organization, and an unhealthy tendency to make sure everything is perfect are the reasons she has been able to scale from solopreneur to agency CEO. Because of this, BC Creative is able to maximize the impact we make in the lives of business owners everywhere.

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