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Beta Test improv


Paul has been the owner of Briarcliff Hall, a private SAT tutoring service for students taking the college entrance exam, for the past 30 years.  In addition, he studied improvisation in Chicago from the very best instructors (some of whom have been finalists for Saturday Night Live).

Paul also spent several years researching corporate culture to see if there was a purposeful relationship between his improv philosophy and the business world. Confident of the connection, he began to teach the benefits of improvisation and right-brain thinking to corporations.   At first, 4 companies took a chance on this unique business improv program.  By 2018, Paul was giving more than 90 speeches across the country annually to companies such as Amazon, Daimler Trucks, Wells Fargo, Ingersoll Rand, Duke University, and Bell Partners.  To date, he has spoken to more than 45,000 business professionals.  And in 2019, Paul gave his first TEDx talk on this business improv relationship.

Although the goal to be a more effective leader and team player is similar to other workshops, the Beta Test workshop uses a totally different approach to reach the goal. We want to change the mind. At its core, this workshop strengthens neural connections in the brain to help each person with creativity, leadership skills, and fun. This workshop not only covers the science behind each exercise but allows participants to see the science happen to them in real time which allows them to connect to the right side of the brain and elucidate their ideas in a way that is seamless and effective. As one lady said, "The Beta Test workshop is the best event I have attended in 17 years"

Spoken to more than 52,000 business professionals.  Tedx talk in 2019.

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