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Chris Taylor and Taylor Croy teamed up in 2016 with a vision of building the perfect mortgage platform for Loan Officers of all experience and production levels. The goal was to create a model allowing Loan Officers to focus on business development with the support of a dedicated team to handle the loan process from start to finish. The result is TaylorMade Lending powered by Alcova Mortgage!

Our Motivation

Chris and Taylor both have extensive backgrounds in residential lending. Although their paths were very different, their experiences had common ground. They both built their teams doing what most successful Loan Officers do: working 24/7 and catering to referral partners. As you probably know, this is not a sustainable business model, nor is it favorable for anyone with a family or interests outside of work.

The motivation was to build a model that allows Loan Officers to focus on what’s most important to them:

TIME – Whether it’s new business activities or investing time with your family, enjoying your favorite hobbies, or anything else that’s important to you. Our Loan Officers are shocked when they realize how much time they have after plugging into our model.

GROWTH – We believe it shouldn’t be up to a manager to dictate how Loan Officers build their business. We want Loan Officers with an entrepreneurial spirit, whom we can trust to run their business in a multitude of ways. You simply choose which of our four models is most appealing to you. We then provide the support necessary to accomplish YOUR goal at a high level.

Additional Information

Business Hours : Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm Weekend: CLOSED
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